Apologia General Science (Schedule, Resources, and Alternative Tests)

  • Posted on: 9 July 2013
  • By: Chame Abbey
Exploring Creation with General Science

Dr. Wile is a genius. This is a fact. Check out Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science if you don't believe me. 

I highly recommend this Science curriculum to homeschooling families with middle or high school students. Not only does it teach valuable insights and a Biblical Worldview, but also encourages discipline, detail, and not to mention diligence in your budding scientists as they go about their experiments.

This year my 13-year-old started Apologia General Science with great challenge. He wasn't used to all the preparation, readings, and discipline as he embarked on the first module. You see, the year before this, he used the Science PACES and that one was pretty straightforward and since he's not much of a visual learner, his retention was low. Apologia's General Science challenged him in being detailed in his experiments - writing exactly what he did, even if that meant writing down that he did it twice because he wasn't able to follow the directions the first time.

I didn't purchase Sonlight's General Science Schedule for this because of budget constraints at that time but I can imagine how rich and helpful that would be for anyone planning to use this curriculum. Instead I used Becca's Daily Lesson Schedule and Worksheet for this one which you can freely download here: 


What I do is make sure he does what is needed for the day, check that he has answered this and grade his experiments. For the first module, he flunked the exam so I researched on alternative tests to take and found out that you can just contact Apologia directly. They were generous and accommodating enough to send me all the alternative tests in one compressed file. Go ahead and contact them here if you need alternative tests for Apologia General Science:


Another resource you should check out would be Donna Young's page on this curriculum. She has prepared a list of materials you would need for your experiments arranged per module, daily schedule, and reproducible Science Experiment sheets.


For students who learn best when they use their hands, an accompanying lapbook would probably be a good tool. I haven't used this one but figured it would be great to mention it here too: