socialization in the philippines?

If I were homeschooling in the United States, perhaps the only people who'd ask me about socialization would be my relatives. Then again, I'm homeschooling in a third world country where homeschooling, if not unschooling, is rather unheard of. If you ask me how much I've been asked this question, my answer would be: A LOT. Let the all-caps speak for itself. It's not only overated, but also a never-ending saga, to make it worse.

I'd like to point out that the word 'Socialization' has been misconstrued by many Filipinos to mean as being with other same-aged kids or to be able to cope without fear in the midst of a group. If you think your children have 'better socialization skills' (if ever there is such a term) in public or private school with the average classroom ratio of 40 students is to 1 teacher, you're wrong. In fact, it's not even called 'Socialization,' it's called 'Socializing.' To quote Marsha Ransom from Life Without School:

Here is a more appropriate response: "Oh, I think the word you are looking for is socializing. Socialization is actually defined as the process by which the norms and standards of our society are passed from one generation to the next. I've never really thought that a complete stranger's six-year old child would be a good source of information on the correct standards of behavior in our family and in society as a whole. As for socializing, I remember from my school days that it was something you weren't supposed to be doing during class!"

No wonder the socialization questions I get were never-ending - I wasn't answering it correctly! Thanks Marsha for this insightful response. And if you're still thinking what socialization really is, take it from Raymond and Dorothy Moore:

To be truly sociable means to have concern for others, to know how to practice the golden rule and be willing to serve.

- from the book "Better Late Than Early", Chapter 6: Opportunity for Parents

Yet we don't see this in children who are supposed to have been 'socialized' in preschool or gradeschool. You see, our children's socialization should begin at home. We, as concerned Christian parents, can best socialize our children by passing the 'baton' - passing a Christ-like standard of grace and servitude by being examples in our home.

I think this is true socialization.